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Registration Fees to MDCN

Dear members and friends of MANSAG

Please see below email response from the Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria confirming that retroactive registration/licensing fees for Nigerian Doctors in the UK have been abrogated. I have had to bring this issue to his attention again following another report this week from a UK colleague who has recently been asked to pay arrears of licensing fees to the MDCN for his period of domicile and practice in the UK spanning over a decade or so. Can I suggest that anyone asked to pay retroactive licensing fees should decline vehemently and insist on the current procedure detailed on the MDCN web site found here:, and in the email from the Registrar below.

Information can be gleaned by perusing the MDCN site pages, but the bottom line is that to enable registration for short term practice in Nigeria you can request the GMC to send your Certificate of Good Standing directly to the MDCN via this site:, and perhaps provide evidence of a current license to practise in the UK. These two items entitle you to receive the waiver from paying retroactive licensing fees as a matter of right, not of privilege.

You should obtain the details of any officer requesting you to pay over and above what you are statutorily required to pay. You should also inform MANSAG, an employing institution in Nigeria or any similar body so that some representation can be made on your behalf to the MDCN.

I am persuaded that the current leadership at the MDCN is keen to stamp out any abuse of the process but we need to be ready to challenge erroneous advice and bring any continuing issues to their attention for necessary action.

Kind regards.

Dilly Anumba
MANSAG President

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